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My Name is Marvin Nuecklaus

“Everyone can be a filmmaker these days but it takes experience, dedication, and the freedom to experiment and fail to become a successful storyteller” – Marvin Nuecklaus

I started my career in the film industry in Germany when I was 17 years old.

Ever since, I’m trying to define my craft and tell stories that have an impact on peoples life.

After moving to Los Angeles in 2014, I specialized in directing, cinematography, and editing, and graduated from UCLA in 2017 with a degree in film directing.

I love challenges and it that means to shoot a party scene with 40 extras and 6 leads as a 1 man crew or building a dolly-jib combination myself because the budget is tight – throw it my way and I will be do my very best to accomplish what you’re looking for in your project.



…You can sense a high degree of passion from Marvin, and as a filmmaker, Marvin is a natural, who has a very bright future in the art of storytelling.

…In all his projects and even on set he has always brought a unique perspective that always had a sense of an outside looking in point of view.

Dallas King
Writer, Director, Producer of Kiss Kiss

Marvin’s abilities and skill are way beyond what I have experienced in the past and I know that he would be a boon to the film/TV industry in whichever country he chooses to call home once he graduates. I am hoping to be able to employ him as an editor/director within my company.

Len Davis
Owner of Spectrum Multimedia Hollywood